Hands and feet

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Manicure Groom
The perfect treatment to treat your hard working hands. This manicure will shape your nails, trim and tidy the cuticles, condition the nails, followed by a seriously relaxing hand  massage and a polish of your choice.

From $45

Manicure Rejuvenate
An indulgent spa experience for your hands. It’s time to restore ravaged hands, starting with a gentle exfoliation, file, buff, followed by cuticle trim and conditioning for smoother soft healthy nails. A deep hydrating massage is infused to rejuvenate and nurture your hands. A totally decadent treatment for those deserving something luxurious.


Hand Restoration
Targets Pigmentation & Ageing hand. Lets Restore youthfullness with our customised treatments, using Clinical peels, IPL or Microdermabrasion to give you instant results!

From $125


Polish Refresh
A quick yet decadent treatment for the time poor, enjoy an aromatic infusion, file, buff and polish, leaving you with gorgeous nails in the blink of an eye. Used as a maintenance treatment between your monthly pedicures.


Pedicure Groom $75
A luxurious treatment for those in need of a quick fix, including a warm and soothing foot soak, nail trim and file, cuticle conditioning, light application of cream followed by a polish of your choice.


Pedicure Rejuvenate
Receive all the beautiful benefits of our groom pedicure with an added focus on rasping and conditioning the skin. The perfect treatment to rejuvenate your feet, soaked in a warm aromatic foot bath and exfoliated, deep rasping to remove all that dry skin, cuticles are trimmed to perfection, nails buffed smoothly and melt away with a leg and foot massage techniques to relieve all tension as you relax.


Medi Pedi Foot Treatment
Get your baby feet back and put a spring in your step with DMK’s famous MediPed® treatment. Remove callus and hard skin build up with a solution that gives exceptional visible and tactile improvements in just one treatment, leaving even the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet feeling smooth.

From $85

Foot Soother
Just what the doctor ordered for your tired and achy muscles an intensive therapy and aromatic experience for your feet, great after a long flight or just too much time spent standing on your feet.