Bathing Rituals

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Therapeutic Hydro Bathing

Our water therapies method of promoting wellness. It’s much more than just bathing, it targets poor circulation, cellulite, water retention and heals sporting injuries. It will leave you feeling invigorated and surprisingly relaxed. Select from an array of additives to personalise your experience. 

From $45

Vichey Shower

A unique feature of Skintrition is our Vichy shower facilities - the benefits are deep relaxation, renewed energy, relief from restlessness and tension, the stimulating multi jet of warm cascading water, is considered the ultimate bliss in rejuvenation and the perfect prelude to a combined massage and body treatment.



Steam Capsule

An oasis of relaxation, lay back and enjoy the capsule while your body is enveloped in a gentle steam enriched in essential oils to hydrate, improve skin suppleness and promote harmony. Recommended as a preparation to most body treatments or as a stand alone treatment for chill out time.

From $45