Correctives DMK

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DMK Enzyme Basic

Restores skin to its peak condition. The ideal introduction to Enzyme Therapy and maintenance option for skin programs, Enzyme Therapy improves the skin’s ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped within the skin, restoring vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation required for cellular regeneration. Enzyme Therapy is suitable for a wide range of conditions such as ageing skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Enzyme Basic $170

DMK Enzyme Essential

Incorporates a powerful pre-exfoliation treatment to detoxify and flush inflamed acne and sluggish skins. DMK utilizes transfer messenger enzymes to enhance optimal skin functioning. By working with the internal systems of the skin, Enzyme Therapy helps the skin to function properly on its own It increases circulation to bring vital nutrients and deep oxygenation to the skin. Stimulates lymphatic drainage through reverse osmosis to flush through cells to help clear toxins.

Enzyme Essential $195


Extraction Solution

This treatment includes a specialty Detox formula that purifies your skin, acting as a liquid magnet drawing out and vaporising toxins. Hardened sebaceous plugs are hydrolyzed with a desincrustation facial occlusion, allowing greater success for clearing pores. We will customize your solution with a finishing mask or LED light therapy and transdermal infusion that's designed to restore vitality and glow.

Extraction Solution $150

Enzyme by design

Allow us to take the guess work out of choosing a solution. This enzyme therapy targets pigmentation, rosacea, acne, open pores, scarring, milia, wrinkles, sun damage, fragile capillaries and premature ageing. Let our paramedical trained skin therapists take you above and beyond your expectations with a customised skin treatment to hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin.

$225 - $275


DMK power session  

A short power session fully customised to your skin. Perfect for the time poor, a  targeted treatment between skin treatments to supercharge results and reveal beautiful, healthy skin. We customize your session by using Glycolic and Lactic acids to gently but effectively eliminate the build-up of dead skin cells and impurities to improve texture and hydration levels in the skin. A cassia infused peel can also be used for Its antibacterial ingredients help flush stagnant capillaries & is great for congestion and pustules.

Power session is $130

Acne solutions

This treatment is an advanced program designed to clear acne and congestion and address the factors involved in the pathophysiology of acne. Includes extractions. Our corrective treatments focus on the removal of dead cell material from the surface of the skin, effectively releases any congestion allowing the skin surface to soften for ease of extraction of impurities. This stimulates the vascular and lymphatic system, restoring vital cellular nutrition results in healthy new skin cells.

Prices vary, call us to find out more


Skin Brightening Solution

The effects of ageing, stress and the environment influence skin to develop an uneven texture. It becomes coarser, pigmented and imperfections appear. The Skin Brightening Treatment is a professional program designed to help regain a brighter, more even and luminous complexion. This Treatment is also used to revise uneven skin tone, discolouration and all types of Pigmentation problems of the skin.

Brightening solution $245

Age Management Corrective

Acting in advance to prevent the onset of ageing. The optimal time to start is now. Our paramedical trained therapist will customize your treatment to target your ageing concerns. Also, muscle banding is used in advance to help prevent the onset of ageing skin. The term “banding” refers to the technique used during the application of the DMK Enzyme Masque helping the muscles of the face and neck.

Age management $225


DMK instant lift

Need To Look Good in a Hurry? This 3 step Muscle Banding Treatment provides breathtaking results. Known for its instant lifting and tightening qualities, it is perfect for special occasions! Incorporating a pre-exfoliation specifically chosen for you, then a layering of enzymes designed to tighten and tone the face and neck with visible results after just one treatment. This treatment will leave you red carpet ready.

Instant Lift $275

Skintrition Enzyme - Hollywood style

This exquisite result driven treatment starts with our exclusive Lymphatic cleanse to Increase circulation, firm and tone the skin. Next we use Glycolic and Lactic Peel to improve texture and hydration levels in the epidermis. Next we apply Enzyme Therapy to restore optimal skin function. As an added bonus your arms will be treated to a DMK hydrating and retexturing treatment.  Fininishing with a transdermal infusion.

Skintrition Enzyme $325