Skin therapy

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Skin Consult

This is a one on one session with your therapist, where you are able to view the various active products and receive answers to all your skin care questions. Our consults are perfect if you’re time poor and like your information bite sized. From this session you will feel more empowered and motivated about managing your skin.

$35 - $95

Signature 42 step

The iconic PAYOT treatment, 42 step signature treatment. A combination of unique movements and legendary expertise, individual balancing, dynamic, extensive, rhythmic, and varying. The 42 steps signature treatment is like choreography for the face, creating a relaxing experience otherwise known as Gymnastics for the skin

signature 42 step $100


Signature Wellness Facial

Designed for pure bliss of the senses as we take you through a European journey of layering method applying active ingredients onto the skin, whilst creating a sensorial experience a must when you want to combine radiant skin and total escape of the senses.

Wellness facial $135

Skin Essentielle

Ideal for those who are time conscious or as a targeting treatment. The Essentielle group of facials are customised for immediate results and a multitude of skin concerns, hydration, problematic and sluggish skins. Algae rebalancing, Hydra moist, Skin Purete.

Skin essentielle $150


High Performance

Our high performance facials deliver customized results for individual skin concerns. High precision, intense massage restructures and lifts the skin. Advance actives and specialized masks including collagen and hyaluronic illuminates and plumps the skin. Ideal firmness is restored to the face, while all the visible signs of aging – wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, pigmentation irregularities are visibly reduced.

$175 - $195

Age Prevention

A powerful range of sophisticated treatments based around reactivating youthfulness delivering both an instant and long-lasting rejuvenation. Using targeted bead exfoliation, the famous 42-step massage, a silver pigment mask for total illumination — everything’s covered in this exceptional experience. Including payot signature foot experience, neck and shoulder massage speciality.

$225 - $250

Sandra’s Exclusives - feel beautiful and more confident!    

An exclusive luxury collection of anti-ageing facials designed for women who want the best skin products with a focus on results and luxury. With more than 35 years experience, Sandra uses a combination of the best & most advanced technologies to make you feel beautiful and more confident. The perfection of exquisite ingredients indulges the skin, advance machinery and scientific methods to deliver superior and long-lasting results. With a touch of Sandra’s secret techniques your skin will bounce back to a radiant and youthful look.

$250 - $350