Wraps and scrubs

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Body Scrub

A versatile combination of sea salt scrub is a delight on its own or combined with other body treatments. Imagine having the warmth of the steam relax you, as we luxuriously rid your body of dead skin, and the beautiful aromatic oils soothe the senses and revitalise the skin leaving it satin smooth.


Jet lag treatment

This is a must-have treatment for weary travelers. Bring your mind, body and soul back into focus with a powerful and vigorous treatment of pre-blended Aromatherapy Oils. Together with an invigorating body brushing or steam capsule relaxation, followed by massage used to detoxify and awaken your body.

90 mins is $175


Body wraps

Body Detox
Cleanse and purify the body. This treatment is a great way of assisting the removal of toxins in your body and is beneficial if you are on a wellness program or purely wanting to feel good. With an aromatic Salt scrub and all the benefits of sea minerals infused in a soft warm mud mask encasing your whole body for pure wellness.


Body Vitality
An energising treatment focusing on your skin, muscles and joints. Begin with fully customised body exfoliation, followed by a energising body mask to restore vitality, followed by our rain shower washing all your stress away. Fantastic before a tan or get ready for a wonderful weekend.


Body Hydrate
This ultra-relaxing treatment combines Aromatherapy with a marine body wrap to improve health and well-being. Perfect for your body to feel rehdrated and healthy.


Signature Wellness Wrap
Hand-selected mineral salts and a blend of botanical muds are selected for a soothing body wrap, designed to restore and balance your unique body type. A relaxing and rejuvenating facial aroma application leaves you with a sense of comfort. A rain shower cleanses and a botanical lotion envelops your body to rejuvenate your skin.